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Fully Inlaid Mother-of-Pearl Table


Stunning octagonal bedside table inlaid with freshwater mother-of-pearl. This unique design has solid-sides with cut outs towards the base.

The freshwater mother-of-pearl marquetry has an unusual matt-finish and is hand crafted into a beautiful pattern unique to each piece of furniture. Items are also available in the more unusual matt-finish salt-water mother-of-pearl. Each element of the nacre design is outlined with a filigree of fine metal alloy.

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Every item of the Artiquea’s tables collection has been carefully selected from Artiquea’s specialists for its outstanding quality and rarity.

Artiquea always makes sure that every precious piece of its collections is sold at the best price in the market.


Mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture has a long and prestigious history in Syria, with the pieces made specially for Artiquea requiring five-individual craftsmen and up to eight months of hard work to complete.
The process each material must go through is also very labour intensive, from the cutting, aging and carving of the walnut to the delicate shaping, polishing and inlaying of the mother-of-pearl.

Each element is made by hand in the traditional fashion without the use of power-tools and all materials are sourced in Syria including the sea and river mollusc shells for the mother-of-pearl and the walnut wood for the body of the furniture.


Mother-of-Pearl inlay for each piece is a unique design and may not necessarily match the picture.

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