About Us

Artiquea Gallery is a wholesaler supplying handmade Syrian and Middle Eastern furniture, lighting, paintings, sculptures, stone mosaic murals and other art and homeware items! Our handmade furniture are beautifully crafted and of the highest quality.

Artiquea is an Aladdin’s cave of antiques, paintings, handmade furniture, glassware and lighting from Syria direct to the heart of London.

The gallery’s goal is to introduce Arab and Middle Eastern artists to the artistic mainstream in the UK and Europe in an effort to create a bridge between different cultures.

Our handmade Mother of Pearl furniture and antiques are very distinctive because of the consistency and traditional technique. Even today, craftsmen still use the most basic tools to create these beautiful pieces of furniture.

With a wide range of antique products from Syrian paintings, Egyptian wall lights and Moroccan brass hanging lantern – we have items from all across the Middle Eastern world! All of our antiques are truly unique and eye catching.

Our schedule for exhibitions, not only from the Middle East but also from other regions, has been enriched by friendly suggestions and offers from Mexico to Japan.

The gallery is full of wonderful artistic surprises, with unique items from Syria, Morocco, Egypt and Turkey.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our truly beautiful mother of pearl handmade furnishings and products!

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