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Blown glass chandelier


It is hard to find the words to describe this beautiful, unique and stunning piece of Syrian craft and design. Each individual tentacle is hand-blown by expert artisans in Damascus from 100 percent recycled glass.

Every delicate glass element of the light is individually produced and finished with a delicate spiral effect starting at the base of each branch. Dozens of them are then mounted on a metal frame to create a ceiling light unlike anything you have seen before.

The shape and methods of production result in a varied colour effect when illuminated by natural or electric light.

t will undoubtedly becoming the talking point of any room and a wonderful example of Syrian glass blowing.

Size: 50cm(w)x50cm(h) without the chain

Specially commissioned pieces in other colours and sizes can also be made to order.

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Blown glass chandelier

Every item of the Artiquea’s lights collection has been carefully selected from Artiquea’s specialists for its outstanding quality and rarity.

Artiquea always makes sure that every precious piece of its collections is sold at the best price in the market.


Dimensions are all approximate. The hand-crafted nature of the pieces means Artiquea cannot guarantee the exact size of each light, although each piece will only vary slightly.


The craft of glass-blowing was invented in Syria during the first century and is a tradition carried on to this day. Glass is collected from across the city and separated by colour before being crushed washed and melted down.

To ensure the purity of the glass only one colour of glass is worked with at a time, with the artisans working around the clock using a furnace which is never allowed to burn out creating exquisite baubles, spiral disks and vases, many of which can be seen in Artiquea.

Unfortunately, due to the costs of maintaining furnace temperatures, it is a dwindling skill with just one family-run workshop left in Damascus.

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Artiquea is a showroom and wholesaler supplying handmade Syrian and Middle Eastern furniture, lighting, paintings, sculptures, stone mosaic murals and other art and homeware items! Our handmade furniture are beautifully crafted and of the highest quality. Supplying Syrian antiques in London originated from an increasing gap in cultures widening conflicts affect the outlook of people all over the world in a negative way. We felt that art was the best strategy for re-connecting people and inspiring them in a positive light.

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