Investing in Art and Antiques

Alternative investment – art and antiques The Money Observer mangazine
Painting for profit Slate magazine
Investing in art takes taste and business savvy
Investing in art
How to start investing in art
How to invest in art that pays
Bonhams auctions Bonham’s Modern and contemporary Middle Eastern Art
Christies Dubai Christie’s Arab, Iranian & Turkish Art
Fanciful Inlay written by Beth Houston Saudi Aramco World magazine
The Artist in Damascus by Carol Hotchkiss Malt

Saudi Aramco World magazine

Arab Artists in Italy Saudi Aramco World Magazine
Reflections in women’s eyes by Mullen Burnham Saudi Aramco World Magazine
The Art Market: Middle East in the frame FT.Com
Are we colonialising Middle Eastern art? The Art Newspaper
Hand Painted Fine Art Reproduction Masterpieces by Picasso, Dali and many other

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