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Syrian Antique inlaid Armchair


A beautiful Syrian tub chair.

This stunning chair has combed back supports and inlaid arms with new upholstery.

A rare piece of art, product of excellence of the Syrian Master Craftsmen. This chair will fill your house and your work place with unmatched brightness donating a luxury and elegant touch to every ambience.

Size: 80cm high to the back, the seat is 50cm high and it is 63cm from outside arm to outside arm.

Four chairs available, it is possible to purchase them in pair or to buy all four together.

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Syrian Antique inlaid Armchair

Every item of the Artiquea’s chairs collection has been carefully selected from Artiquea’s specialists for its outstanding quality and rarity.

Artiquea always makes sure that every precious piece of its collections is sold at the best price in the market.


Mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture has a long and prestigious history in Syria, with the pieces made specially for Artiquea requiring five-individual craftsmen and up to eight months of hard labour to complete.

Each element is made by hand in the traditional fashion without the use of power-tools and all materials are sourced in Syria from the sea and river mollusc shells for the mother-of-pearl to the walnut wood for the body of the furniture.

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Artiquea is a showroom and wholesaler supplying handmade Syrian and Middle Eastern furniture, lighting, paintings, sculptures, stone mosaic murals and other art and homeware items! Our handmade furniture are beautifully crafted and of the highest quality. Supplying Syrian antiques in London originated from an increasing gap in cultures widening conflicts affect the outlook of people all over the world in a negative way. We felt that art was the best strategy for re-connecting people and inspiring them in a positive light.