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Egyptian Handmade Rug

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Unique Egyptian handmade rug.

A distinctive symbol of the exquisite Egyptian heritage. Egyptian rugs are famous and appreciated worldwide for their superb variety of colours and designs.

Every rug is a unique piece of art, product of the innate creativity of the traditional rug weavers, inherited through centuries of excellence.

Perfect to add a refined and colourful touch to your home or workplace.

Country Of Origin: Egypt

Fibre Content: Wool

Size: 200cm x 150 cm

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Egyptian Handmade Rug

Every item of the Artiquea’s rugs collection has been carefully selected from Artiquea’s specialists for its outstanding quality and rarity.

Artiquea always makes sure that every precious piece of its collections is sold at the best price in the market.

Product History

Rug weaving is an ancient art that reached its peak with the Oriental and Persian rugs of the 16th century in Turkey , Persian and central Asia. Rug weaving has a vibrant and ancient history. Since the earliest civilized societies, humans have utilized various forms of rugs.

Based on fragments found in Mesopotamia and Egyptian tombs, we know that various types of flat weaving were well developed more than 4,000 years ago.

Rugs have been always considered one of the most valuable possessions, meant to distinguish people of high status. For thousands of years, Oriental carpets have inspired literature, art and music.
The art of rug making is one of the common threads that ties cultures together through the centuries.

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